Female conscription in Norway

Posted: April 21, 2013 in Afghanistan, Military, Uncategorized
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Female Norwegian soldier on patroll in Afghanistan

With the decision made by the Norwegian Labour Party this weekend, to impose conscription for females, NATO member Norway joins a small club of countries. Mandatory draft for both males and females has up to now been found only in North Korea, Libya, Cuba, Chad, Benin, Tunisia, Malaysia, Israel Taiwan, and Eritrea. This makes Norway the first and only NATO country with female conscription


The Norwegian defence is known to be among the most technologically advanced in the world when it comes to equipment and training. Now The Norwegian draft will dramatically increase the number of potential soldiers in Russia’s wealthy neighbor-country.



  1. william r. delzell says:

    Although I oppose peacetime conscription, I also feel that if we’re going to have it then it should apply to both sexes instead of to only males (and, if and where practiced, only female). In a country like Norway where women have equal rights and opportunities as men, a male-only draft is totally unacceptable.

    Norway did the right thing, as long as she decides to keep conscription.

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