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Female Norwegian soldier on patroll in Afghanistan

With the decision made by the Norwegian Labour Party this weekend, to impose conscription for females, NATO member Norway joins a small club of countries. Mandatory draft for both males and females has up to now been found only in North Korea, Libya, Cuba, Chad, Benin, Tunisia, Malaysia, Israel Taiwan, and Eritrea. This makes Norway the first and only NATO country with female conscription


The Norwegian defence is known to be among the most technologically advanced in the world when it comes to equipment and training. Now The Norwegian draft will dramatically increase the number of potential soldiers in Russia’s wealthy neighbor-country.





The popular conception that all international forces are to leave the war torn country by the end of 2014 is now proved to be wrong.


This week Germany announced that they will remain in Afghanistan beyond the previously announced exit date, and 600- 800 German troops will work as mentors for the Afghan Army (ANA).

In February 2013, different sources stated that USA would keep between 8000 and 14000 soldiers in Afghanistan beyond 2014, but this was later demented by US Minister of defence, Leon Panetta. He said that: “That’s the total number of international forces in the country in the future.”

The fact that NATO is not leaving, is good news to the Afghans, who have been fearing that a new civil war would break out as soon as the international soldiers leave.

The news have been welcomed by the Afghan government, but not by the Taliban. One of their spokesmen responded by saying: “The occupation will not be tolerated, And Afghanistan will not be a safe place for the soldiers in the future.”


The war in Afghanistan has now lasted since 2001, and the NATO forces will remain there beyond 2014. The exit date was no exit date at all.




Boston bomber home bred?

In the first comments about who could be the culprit in the Boston bombing, ALL experts warned about jumping to the conclusion about who is responsible. But I find it really interesting that they more or less at the same time pointed their finger at home bred right wing terrorists.

I ask my self why they do this, and the answer is, in my oppinion, that thy really fear that the terror originates from a different and more dangerous source.

Could it be Al Quaida? Sure… But what would be even more terrifying was that the clues could point out North Korea as the ill doer. The fact that no one has claimed responsibility, is an indicator that this heinous act was not committed by a typical terrorist organisation. In order to gain effect of their attack, they would claim responsibility. That leaves Al Quaida out.

At he moment there are, in my oppinion two possible perpetrators. One of course is, as all commentators point out, home bred terrorists.

The other is North Korea. They would typically operate by proxy operators, or hired guns, if you like. So even if this is committed by a solo terrorist, it could be the work of North Kores.

So why is everybody so anxious to point their fingers away from the most obvious source of this evil doing? The answer to that is simple: Proof that North Korea really is behind the bombing would mean war.