While the Pakistani Court is trying to silence the 4 star general, and former leader of the country by keeping him in isolation, it is now clear that the caretaker government opposes the prosecution. In a statement, the government has told the court that there is “no urgency” to try Mr. Musharraf , and that the decision will fall to the next government. This means that Mr Pervez Musharraf has a window of opportunity until election is held on may 11. to play his political game. This is well understood by the court, who for that reason is isolating the former leader, in order to prevent him from stirring up his followers.

Mr Musharraf is still very popular in his country, and the fact that he is now held in what many conceive as political imprisonment, could very well add credibility to his leadership. Since General Musharraf returned to Pakistan, he has been barred from running in the election in four constituencies, and charged for treason. As well as been used as an example by the court, telling other power-persons that they cant expect any immunity, deriving from their current or former positions in Pakistani leadership.

If general Pervez Musharraf had been allowed to enter the election in the first place, it is highly unlikely that he would win, but as it is, the scene has been set for a spectacular return to Pakistani politics for the former president. Being in custody and isolated from his family, lawyers and followers, he is actually in a perfect position to return to power. That is: If his supporters really stand behind him and take to the streets demanding his release. If that happens, anything could happen!




Russian nuclear bombers simulated attacks against neutral Sweden’s capitol Stockholm on Good Friday this year. Sweden’s air-force was unable to intercept the two heavy bombers Tu-22M3 (referred to as Backfires by NATO) their four jet fighter escorts. How ever, NATO fighters from Denmark and Lithuania were scrambled, and met the Russian attack-planes. Over the last couple of years, Russian bombers have dramatically increased these simulated attacks against their neighbouring countries.                                                                                                                          (Training sortie against Sweden)                                                   (Russian bombers intercepted in the Pacific)




Female Norwegian soldier on patroll in Afghanistan

With the decision made by the Norwegian Labour Party this weekend, to impose conscription for females, NATO member Norway joins a small club of countries. Mandatory draft for both males and females has up to now been found only in North Korea, Libya, Cuba, Chad, Benin, Tunisia, Malaysia, Israel Taiwan, and Eritrea. This makes Norway the first and only NATO country with female conscription


The Norwegian defence is known to be among the most technologically advanced in the world when it comes to equipment and training. Now The Norwegian draft will dramatically increase the number of potential soldiers in Russia’s wealthy neighbor-country.





The popular conception that all international forces are to leave the war torn country by the end of 2014 is now proved to be wrong.


This week Germany announced that they will remain in Afghanistan beyond the previously announced exit date, and 600- 800 German troops will work as mentors for the Afghan Army (ANA).

In February 2013, different sources stated that USA would keep between 8000 and 14000 soldiers in Afghanistan beyond 2014, but this was later demented by US Minister of defence, Leon Panetta. He said that: “That’s the total number of international forces in the country in the future.”

The fact that NATO is not leaving, is good news to the Afghans, who have been fearing that a new civil war would break out as soon as the international soldiers leave.

The news have been welcomed by the Afghan government, but not by the Taliban. One of their spokesmen responded by saying: “The occupation will not be tolerated, And Afghanistan will not be a safe place for the soldiers in the future.”


The war in Afghanistan has now lasted since 2001, and the NATO forces will remain there beyond 2014. The exit date was no exit date at all.





Often referred to as Vladimir Putins Mister Fix, Igor Setsjin (53) is by many considered to be Russia’s number two. Even though he no longer holds an official position in the Russian ministry, he is considered to be the informal leader of the most powerful clan in the Russian leadership, the so called Siloviki.


As the rest of the Siloviki, Setsjin to has a background in the KGB (as do Putin), and has been closely connected to Vladimir Putin for more then 20 years.


Primarily, Setsjin has been working in the oil and gas sector, and held the position as deputy prime minister, responsible for oil and gas, until Medvedjev demoted him. Presumable because he felt that he could not have a person working under him, that de facto carried more power than him self…. For this, it is believed that Setsjin now consider Medvedjev as his biggest enemy.

Setsjin has played a major role in developing the Russian oil and gas resources in to a geopolitical Weapon, and i said to have been the major player in the nationalization of Russia’s biggest oil company,Yukos. At the same time sending Russia’s richest man, Mikhail Khodorkovskij to prison. Being a political opponent of Vladimir Putin, he disappeared from the political scene with his imprisonment in 2003.


To day, Igor Setsjin is still standing firm, as Putins shadow.


In Dagestan Provice, the new governor is now to be picked by president Vladimir Putin, and not by popular elections. Dagestan was the first province to make use of the law, signed by Putin this month, allowing each of Russia’s 83 regions to scrap direct gubernatorial elections, introduced only last year in a concession to a wave of protests against Putin’s dominance.

Dagestan was the first province to make use of the law, signed by Putin this month, allowing each of Russia’s 83 regions to scrap direct gubernatorial elections, introduced only last year in a concession to a wave of protests against Putin’s dominance.

Putin has said the law is needed to protect the rights of minorities in ethnically mixed regions such as the mostly Muslim provinces of the North Caucasus.

North Korean conditions for nuclear talks

North Korea has announced conditions it says would lead to negotiations with America and the subsequent denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.

Just a week after it threatened ‘all out war’ with its southern neighbour, the regime in North Korea said that talks about de-nuclearisation could begin if the United States first removed its nuclear weapons from the region.

Listing their conditions, the statement from the country’s National Defence Commission said: “First, [the Americans and South Koreans] should immediately stop all their provocative acts against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and apologise for all of them.”

“Second, they should give formal assurances before the world that they would not stage again such nuclear war drills to threaten or blackmail the DPRK.

“Third, they should make a decision to withdraw all nuclear war means from South Korea and its vicinity and give up their attempt to reintroduce them as their immediate duty.

“If the US and the southern enemies genuinely want dialogue and negotiation, they should take these steps,” the statement added.

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The attempt to arrest former president, Pervez Musharraf, could easily lead to unrest and division in Pakistan, as it is highly unlikely that the army will allow such arrest of their former leader.


West explosion: Bomb or not?

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Doccumentaries like this, are now causing political disturbance in several of the Joint Strike Fighter partner countries. Could a collapse in Locheed Martin destroy NATO Air superiority?

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